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Read the camping trip stories sent to us by campers like you. We welcome stories from you too. Send your camping stories and tips so we can post them here for others to read and learn from. Sharing stories can really help each other become better campers and to have much more fun on camping trips.

Pamela’s Camping Story

We have gone tent camping every year for the past 7 years with my sister and her family. We always camp in State Parks but try a different one each year. This allows us to see the state cheaply as State Parks are relatively inexpensive. We also try to pick a park near a Walmart, just in case. On our first camping trip, our daughter was 8 months old. The following year, our second daughter was only 2 months old. This year, our third daughter will make her first trip at 3 months old. It’s just as easy to mix formula outside as it is to mix it in a hotel room. Camping is a great way to spend time without tv’s, computers, and video games. It shows kids (and husbands) that there are other things to do that don’t require electricity – like hiking, fishing, swimming and just getting to know each other all over again. Happy camping!!

Dan’s Camping Story

We took our first camping trip in July. The weather was beautifully warm and sunny, with a few puffy white clouds passing by. On our second afternoon, the clouds looked bigger than normal. We found out why when, at supper time, we heard distant thunder. We saw some other campers running around and picking up gear. We wisely took the hint and rushed to finish dinner. Then we picked things up a bit and got into the tent, just as it began to rain cats and dogs. We were lucky to finish dinner in time. On our next trip, we’ll have a good rain fly to eat under. The next day we visited other campers who had rain flies, and learned a few good tips from those whose flies held up to the storm, and from those who had their rain flies blow away in the windy gusts.

Margaret’s Camping Story

I am glad that I took your advice and read the instructions that came with our new tent. I then set it up in the backyard for practice. When we got to the campground, we set it up in nothing flat and ran off to the pool for a swim. That evening, we saw other campers arriving late and trying to set up their tents for the first time in the dark. We helped them out as if we were the old timers. After the kids were asleep, we got to share some wine with our new friends.

Jane’s Camping Story

We were invited on a family camping weekend with my son’s cub scout group. I nearly panicked since I had never been camping before, but my son and daughter really wanted to go. Luckily, the scouts’ invitation included a camping gear check list and some websites to learn more about camping. I checked out all the sites, plus a few more, and then went shopping. Between a couple camping gear websites and the big box discount store, I got us all outfitted. It was still all new to me, but when we arrived at the campground the more experienced parents were on hand to make sure that all the families had a good time. We did. Thanks to the scouts.

Karen’s Camping Trip

I am eleven. I went on my first camping trip with my family, mom and dad and Jimmy, last summer. I wanted to go because I heard camping was fun. We had to use an out house. Yuck! We swam in the lake and I even tried water skiing. I got sun burned but then I tanned. I want to go again.

Debbie’s Camping Trip

We’d just got home from the vacation my dad took us on. He rented a motor home. Wow! I got to watch movies while dad drove. We saw the desert and the Grand Canyon. It is scary looking over the edge. We always made new friends at the camping areas. I loved swimming in the pools.

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