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lakeside campsite

Great Scenery at this Campsite

Family Camping Gear provides tips on selecting, and organizing, the gear you will need to start taking your family on camping vacation trips. Family Camping Gear specializes in helping the new camper, but even experienced campers will find new information here, as well as great deals on camping gear at our online camping store.

Why Go Camping?

Camping Builds Close Family Bonds – Family camping is a great way to build a closer relationship between parents and kids. Memories and shared experiences from all the fun trips you've been on will help you communicate with your child (or parent) throughout your life. You'll experience quality time for everyone involved.

camping in Alaska

Tent Camping in Alaska

How to Start

Start with Tent Camping – Most every camping family starts out doing what we call “tent camping”. Tent camping includes car camping, canoe camping and backpacking. You can car camp at state and national parks, forest service campsites, and even national chains of commercial campgrounds. There are lots of places to go and stay.

RV camping

RV Camping

Move up to Recreational Vehicles – Tent camping is very popular, and is how most people start out. Some of us love tent camping so much we never do any other type of camping. Others become RV'ers and will try a pop-up tent trailer, then a camping trailer or a motor home. Even so, most of them still keep a tent handy for their younger guests.

Advice from Expert Campers

Our camping tips and information come from two sources:

  • Master Maine Guides First, from the best outdoor experts in the world – the famed “Master Maine Guide.” A Master Maine Guide is licensed by the State of Maine to provide enjoyable and safe outdoor experiences while camping, canoeing, hiking, wildlife watching, fishing and hunting. Maine Guides are skilled in the outdoors, and know how to keep you warm, dry and comfortable in all weather conditions – sun, wind, rain or snow!
  • Family Campers like You – Our second source of information is from campers like you, who love to share their experiences and encourage other families to get in on the action. Maybe you might even like to share your family camping experiences with other campers. Send us your questions, camping tips and trip reports so we can share your hard earned skills with others.

Camping Trail

Follow our Trail – Explore our site and read how to choose the best camping gear, so your family can enjoy their family camping trips. Read how to have fun on your trips, and to avoid the pitfalls. Add this page to your “favorites” folder, so you can come back often.

You´ll find tips on camping and gear selection; ideas for menus and camping recipes; info on activities the whole family can enjoy; and answers to many of your camping questions. You´ll also find trip reports, camping tips, and comments from family campers like yourself.

Check out each of these steps along the Trail:

Articles on how to select your camping gear: tents; stoves; lanterns; sleeping bags; and more. Learn what to consider for the type of trips you want to take. Become better prepared before you go shopping.
Go to Camping Gear Tips
Tips about camping etiquette, campfires, tents, safety, camping with children, camp cooking, camping gear, and wildlife. Send us your tips, and we will add more and more tips from campers like you.
Go to Family Camping Tips
Start planning your trip with a check list. You will find lists for basic camping gear, day hikes, first aid kits, survival kits, even for your car.
Go to Camping Check Lists
Ready, set, go! But to where? Part of the fun is deciding where to go on your family camping trip. You’ll find links for camping in National Parks, State Parks and privately owned campgrounds across the continent.
Go to Campgrounds
A big part of every camping trip’s success is the activities that the whole family take part in. These articles will help you think about what you might want to do, like swimming, fishing, boating, watching wildlife or hiking. Even ideas to turn those dreaded rainy days into fun days.
Go to Fun and Games
Coming soon. Here's the big secret for making every trip a huge success. You can’t predict the weather. You can't out run the crowds. But when their tummies are happy, everyone is happy. Camp cooking is easy too. You’ll discover that every meal tastes better in the great outdoors.
Go to Camping Recipes
Read the camping trip stories of others or share your own experiences and tips with others. Where did you go? What did you do? What worked and what didn’t? Helping others to enjoy camping with their families is what family camping is truly all about.
Go to Camping Trip Stories
You'll find answers to common questions about family camping, including many that you are wondering about. Or send us your own question and have it posted with an answer. Check here for questions in need of an answer. Maybe you can help others by sending in an answer to a question.
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