Waterfront Campsite

Many Campgrounds offer Waterfront Campsites

Deciding where to go camping is lots of fun. Your whole family can share in the decision. Everyone, young and old, can suggest ideas and desires about where to go, what to see, and what to do on the trip.

Divide up the tasks and have everyone check out websites for camping in national parks, scenic parks, campgrounds, museums, fairs and other attractions. Then get together and go over what you found. Great forum for a family meeting – no TV!

We hope to collect more info on great places to camp. So if you find a great campground, please let us know so we can post your recommendations for others to share in.

Camping in National Parks

National Parks offer the most impressive scenic vistas, wildlife, and natural resources of all parks. You can always find something to do at a National Park, so be sure to plan as much time as possible for your trip.

Our list of National Parks includes those with camping, as well as the more historical, museum-like, parks that don’t have camping. Even the non-camping parks are well worth seeing, so once you have picked a park to visit, then go find a nearby state park or commercial campground.
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Camping in State Parks

State Parks offer some of the best family camping facilities around. They are great places for weekends, since the drive is only one or two hours.

State Parks are typically located at or very near a major natural resource, like a lake, ocean beach, or mountain. States often try to space out the camping areas so each family has more privacy than at the typical commercial campground.
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Commercial Campgrounds List and Links

Commercial campgrounds come in all shapes and sizes. Some are favorites of RV’ers, and others specialize in tent campers. If you are tent camping, try to locate a campground that has a separate area for tenters.

Commercial campgrounds often have swimming pools, ball fields, entertainment, and even their own food (and candy) store.

Many campgrounds have a steady clientelle of repeat customers. This can really add to your trip, as meeting other campers and making new friends is a big part of the camping experience for adults and for kids.
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