Tips for Around Camp

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Ideas for the "in-between times" and for making your campsite a home, and your camping trip a real vacation.

  • Remove your shoes before entering the tent. This helps keep the tent floor and sleeping bags clean;
  • Plan to arrive at the campsite early in the day. Then you can set up camp, have dinner, clean up and relax before it gets dark;
  • Dress in layers;
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes;
  • Pack your clothes in garbage bags. It will keep your clothes dry if a sudden storm blows up and it can serve as laundry bag at the end of your trip;
  • Protect your property. Lock your car and lock your valuables in the trunk;
  • Waterproof your wooden matches by dipping them in melted paraffin wax;
  • Pack some favorite books to read at the beach or before going to bed;
  • Bring a field guidebook about the animals and plants you may encounter during your visit. Then go on a nature hike and try to identify the wildlife and plants you see;
  • Take plenty of bug spray and sunscreen;
  • Bring a pair of flip-flops for the shower and beach. They are also invaluable for around the campsite;
  • They can easily be slipped off every time your child enters the tent to prevent soil and debris from getting in your sleeping area;
  • A plastic tablecloth for the picnic table is a good idea. Clips are available to hold it in place when it is windy.

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