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watching a moose

Watching a Moose from a Campsite in Maine

Communing with nature means living amidst wild creatures. Songbirds, chipmunks, squirrels, deer and antelope are all great fun to watch. So are skunks, opossum, coyotes and bears if you are able to camp in their neck of the woods. But wild is "wild" and wild animals are happiest and healthiest when the are left wild. Here are some tips for safely enjoying the wildlife around you.

  • Do not feed or approach wildlife. This can lead to abnormal and potentially dangerous animal behavior.
  • Do not corner a wild animal. This might cause it to attack. Back away slowly if the animal does not flee.
  • Report sick or aggressive animals. Many areas are affected by rabies.
  • Prevent animals from getting into your food. Consider placing it in your vehicle, or hanging it in a tree (12 feet high, 4 feet from tree trunk).
  • Do not attract animals to your campsite by leaving food out. Keep your campsite clean and free of food smells by disposing of all food wastes in the park trash receptacles. Lock all opened food in plastic containers or in your car. And never, ever, leave food in your tent. That includes candy and cookies. You'll sleep more soundly if you know everything is safely out of animals' reach.

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