More Camping Gear Tips

Tips for all sorts of camping gear. Lanterns, rainfly, batteries, chairs, axes, and even about your sleeping pillow.

  • Be sure you have backup batteries of every size that you use, and that they're fresh.
  • A little folding stool with a canvas seat is perfect for tent camping by car or canoe.
  • Use a rainfly. This is a large tarp that's erected over the picnic table for shelter from sun and rain.
  • Avoid those with a pole in the center. That's where you'll want to put the table. Instead, get one with a ridgepole.
  • Always securely stake down the rainfly to keep it stable in the wind, even if it is calm when you set it up. Wind has a habit of rising up in the middle of night during a thunderstorm. If you secured it right, you won't need to get up and check on it during the storm.
  • Folding lawn chairs are great for relaxing around camp.
  • Tie a clothesline between a couple of trees, and hang your wet towels and swimsuits over it for drying.
  • Hang up your sleeping bag during the day to air it out.
  • Make sure your flashlight batteries are fresh before leaving home.
  • Use an axe for splitting firewood. Preferably one with a two and one half pound head and a 28 inch handle. The shorter handled hatchet may seem easier to use, but is actually much more dangerous.
  • Lanterns come in electric, propane or gas. Propane is easier to use than gas. Carry a spare mantle.
  • You will sleep much better if you take your favorite pillow.
  • Rubber thongs (flip-flops) are ideal when using a campground's shower facilities.
  • Use lots of sunscreen. Most people underestimate the effects of being outdoors all day long on a camping trip.
  • Take your own toilet paper. Campgrounds often run out, and it's not always provided at remote camping areas.

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